Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Joy!

I just got a call from my Neurologist regarding my MRI MRA results and got GREAT NEWS.  The dissection in my neck aka the rip in the vessel in my neck is absolutely totally and irrevocably gone!  Yay!  I can hardly believe it!  But just because the inside is healed, doesn't mean the outside is healed.  I still have pain in my neck but it's ok, it will go away soon :) Small victories.

I also just got permission to use a treadmill and do small yoga poses not involving my neck and I can flyyyyyyy.  I feel like I've hit the lottery! I can go to work tomorrow!  I am a little scared though....what if I'm not able to do everything I used to?  The doc was very clear on stating that my brain is still healing even though the dissection is gone.  I still have to take the meds but oh my neck dissection is gone! 

Happy Dance!