Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lime Green Isn't Such A Bad Color

Ok, so I could get really upset with taking Warfarin and having all these restrictions and how tired it makes me and I do but there is a funny side to this...stop reading if you don't want to read something graphic.   Ok? Last chance, I'm going to talk about it!

I totally pee lime green sometimes. Like seriously...and according to the Anticoagulation people, this is ok and is a side effect of the medication.  When this first started, I didn't think anything of it, I just figured, oh, it's not lime green, it's yellow, right?  I'm probably just a tad color blind and again, that's ok too....but it was lime green, like almost neon and I started to freak out.

When you think about it though, lime green isn't such a bad color to pee. Out of all the colors next to yellow, it's an ok color to go with. Blue+Yellow is green, Red+Yellow is orange (and apparently not good aka dehydration) so yeah, lime green is great!  Sometimes when I am having a bad stretch, I think about this and laugh to myself.  You have to be able to laugh about something as crazy as that!  I was asked by a good friend of mine to take a picture of said pee but figured that I would just leave it to your imagination.  After all, a girl has to have some mystery to her!

I guess there are worse side effects in the world.  I could grow a third arm, go blind, break out and instead I pee lime green.  The best color in the world at the moment.