Monday, January 3, 2011

Damn You Short Term Memory

When I first got the call to go to the ER because of the ischemic stroke, I called my mom and called my dad.  I told my mom everything but I just told my dad that I had to go to the hospital and I was fine because he lives in the Caribbean and I didn't want him to panic more.  He's also had a stroke but his was more gangster than mine.  He had a heart attack AND a stroke at the same time!  He made a full recovery.  (Side note-Always tell your doctors your family history, ALL of it.  You never know what they can find out through you telling them what your parents, grandparents, great grand parents had).  Of course this happened 9 years ago but I didn't want him to stress out right that second.  At this point, I just figured I would be in and out of the hospital.

He kept calling as a Daddy should, and I totally forgot that I didn't tell him why I was there (thank you short term memory). Stroke slipped out and so did a long pause and a loud WHAT?  My dad was on a plane as soon as he could get a flight.  I was definitely kicking myself for that but the only good thing out of this was that he didn't get to see me in the hospital.  My father can't stand needles, even him seeing the or hearing the word needle would freak him out.  So to tell him that I was hooked up to several needles would probably make him so uncomfortable that I am pretty sure I wouldn't even get looked in the face if he came to visit me.  By the time he could get a flight up here, I was already out and home.

I told him about the shots I had to give myself when I got home and he quickly interrupted me and told me never to mention that word again and that he would cook for me and get me back to health asap. I am an only child so my parents freak out over a lot since if anything happens to me, well that's it.  No it's ok, at least we have her brother. Lol. Ok I'll shut up.  My father never really tells me how he's feeling.  He shows it in other ways, especially with food.  And boy was I spoiled...He made me all my favorite the same time.  I tried to take pics of everything he made but I was so greedy and devoured all, only remembering after that I had to take pictures.  The pic on the left is the only one I have and this is of my second serving!  Fishcake (salted cod, tomato, seasonings, flour all fried) and toast and some juice.  :)

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